Right after Aces High Promotion was launched in 2008, the company got hired for PR, media promotion, communication and marketing for bands, record labels, events (indoor and outdoor festivals), clubs and other clients in the entertainment business. We are in close contact with all relevant Benelux media such as online (social) media, printed press and radio & TV. Cross media promotion campaigns are done by a tailor made strategy. We’re working together with the best professional radio & TV pluggers who get videos and singles aired on local and national radio & TV and who get bands and artists playing live there.

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Aces High Promotion offers advice for a succesful PR/communication/marketing strategy for the Benelux market.

 AHP logo nieuw What else?

Aces High Promotion has partnerships with a variety of specialists such as marketeers, designers, booking companies, music distributors, artist managers and radio & TV pluggers.